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We pride ourselves on consistent good quality, price, service and delivery.

Added Value

Our Research and Development department is an important contributor of new ideas and concepts that add value to customers’ businesses.


Our raw material suppliers ensure that the very latest and highest quality ingredients are available for incorporation into prototype and full batch formulations.
Complementary Medicine Manufacturing Specialist
About Hersol
Hersol has been operating for over 40 years, and is a key player in the complementary medicine manufacturing arena in South Africa.
We manufacture a wide range of products in various dosage forms: including tablets, capsules, liquids, powders, creams, ointments and gels. We pride ourselves on quality assured products, which have undergone various compliance checkpoints. Hersol has a highly qualified team who are constantly growing through training and education. Similarly, all the manufacturing equipment used to perform the required tests are externally calibrated by companies that are SANAS accredited, ensuring accuracy and precision at all times. The finished products team consists of trained professionals who are responsible for analysing all products. This is then given the final stamp of approval by the Quality Control Department.
What We Do
Work Area
  • Manufacturing
  • Packing
  • Laboratory

Hersol manufactures and packages a wide range of products. We manufacture anything from tablets – single and double layer, coated and uncoated (sugar and film coating), effervescent tablets, capsules, powders, topical preparations such as; creams, gels, ointments and lotions, syrups and liquids. All products produced by Hersol Manufacturing Laboratories are manufactured following pharmaceutical standards and legislation as prescribed by the relevant governing authorities. This includes SAHPRA, SA Pharmacy Council and FDA.


Hersol Manufacturing Laboratories has a packing department consisting of 13 packing lines employing over 100 people. It is run by a head of Dept and 3 supervisors. The packing department is flexible to customer needs and offers a variety of packing services.


We’re proud to note that Hersol has it’s own in-house microbiological laboratory, all equipment is tested on a regular basis and laboratory personnel are highly qualified and trained.

Trust & Ethos
The underlying principles employed on all projects are to use environmentally acceptable and renewable components to improve the life of the individual, protect the eco-system and to provide simple and cost-effective solutions.
Our Team

Barry Solomons

Marketing Director

Kevin Van Wyngaardt

Managing Director

Riaan Herselman

Operations Director